Rocking RH Livestock For Sale

Katahdin sheep

Katahdin hair sheep for sale.

We began with 15 Katahdins in 2013. Our flock is now at approximately 1000 ewes. Every year we improve our genetics by saving young rams and replacement ewes from within our own flock. We also sell high quality replacement stock. Put in your request today.  

Angus cattle

We raise primarily black angus, but also have some red angus and angus/hereford cross.  We strive for a solid smaller framed cow that excels on grass alone. We sell young steers, bred heifers, and stock our store with fresh cuts. 

Tamworth & Berkshire pigs

Our Tamworth heritage hogs are a perfect fit for our ranch.  I love watching them graze and search for delicious roots.  We breed our Tamworth sows to either our Tamworth boar or the Berkshire boar. These piglets are born and raised chemical free in wooded pastures. Check out the store for fresh cuts.

Akbash livestock guardian dogs

These guardian dogs are priceless!  Daughter, Nell, raises and sells puppies that are born and raised in the middle of the flock of sheep.  She also acclimates them to chickens per your request.  

New Zealand White rabbits

Our daughter,Ivy, raises these beautiful animals.  She sells live bunnies.

Border Collie herding dogs

We would not own livestock without a good Border Collie - or four!  We currently do not have any for sale, but I know a fellow who sells top notch working dogs.