Rocking RH Tour & Table

Why Tour & Table?

I remember sitting in my seat on a fast commuter train sliding along the foot of the Switzerland Alps in 2006.  I could see folks hand raking hay in the little meadows beside the farmstead.  I longed to hop off the train to sit with them at their farmhouse table. I yearned to hear about their daily toil with the land.  So... I have a ranch, I have a table, I have great coffee, I cook a scrumptuous meal...  I wanted that experience. Perhaps others do, too!

A special time to come!

The entire month of March brings newborn lambs.  This is an "all hands on deck" time for us - 24/7.  You can see the miracle of birth, watch as the ewe bonds with her newborn(s), and hold a soft, cuddly lamb.   Remember, we still need to eat!  A ranch table full of food is a welcome sight for anyone who has been working around the clock.  Please, join us! 

What our guests have to say:

Guests are in and out of our home on a daily basis.   Our table always remains extended to its greatest length; someone will surely stop in.   It has been said, "Theirs is a little house with a BIG door."

What's the deal?

Plan to arrive around 11am and spend 4-5 hours with us.  We will have time in the lambing barn and see the other animals, too.  Cows, more sheep, and pigs are in pastures, chickens in the coop (you can pick the eggs) and dogs everywhere!  We need time for dinner (noon) and don't forget lunch (3pm, coffee, milk, or tea, and usually something sweet).  Please note that our home cooking is not a restaurant organized under state or county health codes.This is simply old fashioned cooking and hospitality between my family and yours.

What's on the menu?

We are a "meat and potatoes" crew around here.  We eat what we raise ourselves: leg of lamb, chicken gone garlic, beef roast... We serve potatoes in so many tried and true recipes.  We love vegetables: candied carrots, green beans smoothered in butter and almond slices,  purple cabbage  baked in butter and parmesan cheese.  We serve homemade bread topped with apple butter or grape jelly harvested and made right here.  Fresh, raw Jersey milk is always on the table along with good, well water.  There is always a nice variety of food on the table.  Let us know what kind of meat you would like to try on your scheduled visit to the ranch.  

Necessary details:

$60/person - cash or check.

 A deposit for two people will hold your reservation.

 Minimum of 4 people - maximum of 8 people.  

Call Jodi 701-361-8566


Make Your Reservation Today!

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Better yet, see us in person!

We love our customers, so feel free to visit.  We may be out ranching or over at Sheyenne Oaks Campground.

Rocking RH Ranch

6045 County Road 23, Leonard, ND 58052, US

(701) 361-8566